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    This website is designed to provide helpful and important information about our program and our procedures.

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    Founded in 2008, Alwaha School International School is a private independent school offering National and American program for students in early childhood through grade twelve.

  • Mission & Vision

    At Alwaha School International School we envision a future filled with possibilities for each and every one of our students. Where a sense of personal responsibility is taught. in a structured environment, dreams are inspired through a nurturing approach, and goals are achieved through passion, hard work and dedication..

  • Advancing:

    Our mission is not to expect excellence, but rather to create it by consistently promoting growth and development.

  • Respect:

    Alwaha schools community centers its entire character program on the significance of respect. If the school upholds respect, all other character traits will follow.

  • Together:

    Everyone in our school community is responsible for the education and developmental growth of our students, including our students.

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School activities

There are many parents who find it difficult to excite and interest their high school age kids with productive activities. Engaging activities that keep in mind their level of skill and that are appropriate for their age group will do wonders in keeping them engaged. These fun and intelligent activities for high school-going children will stimulate their intellect and motivate them to sharpen their skills.

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